Payment options:  Credit card and cash

Ticket options:

Buy online and print your tickets at home or show your smartphone/tablet to the bus driver.
Reserve online and pay with cash at Okayama station (West Exit), Lawson, Familymart or CircleK stores.

How to Make a Reservation

1.Go to our website


※It is available to  make a reservation on  smart phones and tablets.


you touch the menu button.

“Reservations and Seat Availability”

3.Choose the destination ( which line)

you touch the menu button which line you would like to take.

“Kurashiki to Tokyo Station (MAMAKARI)”


4.Boarding Busstop  and  Departure date

①If you depart from except for Okayama area, you touch this button. 

②you select the busstop.

③you select the departure date


5.Departure time

①you select the departure time.

②”one-way ・round-trip”

6. Fare and Number of passenger

①you select the fare .

※you select one-way or round-trip.

②you select the number of passenger.


7. Choose your seat

①you select your seat   男性”male” or 女性 “female”


8. Login 1

you select  ” Registration”.

9. Login 2

①you input your name.

②you input your phone number.

③you input your email address (twice).

④you input your password(twice).

⑤and check “agree”.


10. How to pay

you choose how to pay.

  1. Cash
  2. Point Card or Booklet
  3. Creditcard

This example is No.3

①you select payment (credit card)

②you input your credit card number (16 digits)

③you input expiration date of the credit card

④you input security code.

⑤and check “agree”.


※If you would like to pay with cash, please click here.

Convenience stores

11. Finish making a  reservation

you touch the buttom “Reservation”

Credit Card

you can pay on a credit card when you take a  bus (Bound for Nagoya and Tokyo area)

About security code


Diners Club


How to take a bus when you pay on credit card

Print at Home

you print your tickets at home and show your ticket to the bus driver when you get on the bus.

Smartphone / Tablet

you show your smartphone/tablet to the bus driver when you get on the bus.