Tickets and various discount fares

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1 Reservations (for seats)

■ Please make a reservation for your seat before you purchase a ticket.

*It will be hard to reach us by phone during the morning and right before business closing time due to concentration of phone calls. Thank you for your understanding.

■ We accept reservations as listed below

  • Internet
  • Mobile site
  • Express bus reservation center (Telephone)
  • Ryobi express bus center, and other tourism centers
  • Joint Operation Company counters
  • Contracted travel agencies.

Online Booking 

■ Acceptance of reservations will start at 9 am, one month prior to the date of your choice .

  ※Starts at midnight on the website and mobile site

  • In the case of making a reservation for a round trip, it is possible to exceed one month as long as the outward trip is within a month, and is within the round-trip discount period.

As of July 14th, made a reservation for the KIX bus service → Outward trip: August 14th. Return trip: Able to make a reservation for August 20th.

2 Purchase

■ Each kind of tickets (including book of tickets) can be purchased at those stated below.

  • Affiliated convenience stores (Lawson, FamilyMart ) ←Reservations on the internet/mobile sites in advance is necessary.
  • Ryobi express bus center, and other tourism centers
  • Tenmaya bus station
  • Joint Operation Company counters
  • Contracted travel agencies.
    Place of payment at Kansai International Airport
    ① Kansai International Airport Terminal 1
    1F, Airport Bus Stop A Ticket Window 13:00-22:00
    1F, Airport Bus Stop B Ticket Window 06:00-22:00
    1F, Airport Bus Stop C Ticket Window All day
    1F, Airport Bus Stop D Ticket Window 07:30-22:00

    Acceptable Credit Cards

    1 F, North Information Counter 07:30-22:30

    Acceptable Credit Cards

    *We do not accept cash at North Information Counter for tickets. Please use the ticket machines when you pay with cash.

    ② Kansai International Airport Terminal 2
    Terminal 2 Airport Bus Stop Ticket Window(Domestic line) All day
    Terminal 2 Information Counter(International Line Flight Arrival) 09:30-18:00(Except 14:00-15:00)

    Acceptable Credit Cards

■ Please purchase tickets as soon as possible.

  • Reservations can be made from on month  prior to the date of departure.
  • All seats are reserved seats. Please make a reservation in advance.

Online payment 

3 Information on tickets and various discount fares

Adult-One way fare

■ One way fare for junior high school students

Child fare

■ Half price of the one way fare for adults (any amount under 10 yen are rounded up)

■ Child fare applies to children in elementary school

■ Children under preschool are free (However, child fare is required when securing seats)

  • There are no book of tickets for children.
Disability discounts

■ Half price of an one way ticket (any amount under 10 yen are rounded up)

■ A Physical Disability Certificate or Rehabilitation Certificate holding customer who are “Class 1” or “Class 2” certified

■ For “Class 1” customers, the fare will be half price for their caregiver also (for the same service and section)
   Please make a request during reservation. Also, please present your certificate upon boarding.

  • Reservations cannot be done on the internet/mobile sites.
  • For Certification of the Psychiatric Disordered holding customers.
  • Guide dogs and helper dogs are free. Please request in advance during reservation.
Round trip discount tickets

■ Application of round-trip discount has the conditions listed below

  • Same boarding/alighting point (same rate) within the round trip.
    However, when the out-bound and in-bound have the same normal one way ticket fare, the bus stop may can be different except for the combinations listed below.
  • The number of people shall not change for both ways.
  • The days between out-bound and in-bound are within regulation. ( 14 days for the Kansai International Airport line.)
  • ※Please purchase the round trip ticket at the ticket sales counter or affiliated convenience store after you have made the reservation, and before you board the bus.
    (You cannot purchase on the bus)
Book of tickets

■ 11 sheeted booklet that is valid indefinitely.

■ How to purchase 

Purchase at the express bus center at west entrance of Okayama station, or at each Ryobi bus tourism center.
  Seat reservation (internet/mobile site, phone, or counter)
  Go to bus stop on the day of boarding

■ When purchasing book of tickets after you have made a seat reservation, please submit the book of ticket number to the “Ryobi express bus reservation center” after you have purchased the book of tickets.

  • For refunds, the original ticket of the book of ticket is required.
  • If you have a book of ticket that is for a joint operated route with Ryobi bus, then the book of tickets are accepted.
  • There are no book of tickets for children or student discounts.
Coupon tickets

■ They are only sold at each Ryobi bus tourism center.

Please check each page for details.

<Set of Kansai International Airport one-day trip tickets>

Loss of tickets

■ Please keep your ticket safe, because if you lose or forget your ticket, you will have to pay the fare again on the day of departure.

Please note that you will not be able to board if you do not present a ticket.
In this case, we will provide you with a receipt certificate. If the lost ticket is found within a year, you will receive a refund at the counter when you bring the ticket and receipt certificate. In that case we will refund the amount deducted from our regulated fee. (The deadline for refund acceptance may vary depending on the operating company). Also, we will take the same measure when a ticket is forgotten or stolen.

4 About changing and cancellation of reservations

■ Change/Cancelation are accepted if it is before the departure of your reserved service.

■ Please contact the Highway bus reservation center (TEL: 0570-08-5050(ナビダイヤル) Reception hours: 9:00 – 18:00) if you have any changes or cancelation.

■ If you have made a reservation on the internet/mobile website, you can make changes (only once) and cancelations on the internet/mobile website.

  • After purchasing a ticket, or if you are using a book of tickets, there will be no charge of fee limited to the first change only.
  • However, second changes are not accepted.
  • In that case, you will have to apply for a refund, make a new reservation, and purchase another ticket. In this regard, a predetermined refund fee will be charged.
  • (Note) In the case of using the internet early reservation discount, please go to the internet/mobile website to reduce the number of people and/or to make cancelations.
  • However, changes to the boarding date and services are not accepted. Please cancel and make a new reservation.

■ Reservations can be made from on month prior to the date of departure. 

※ For the internet/mobile website it starts at midnight, and for the express bus reservation center, it starts at 9:00.

※Changes/cancelations cannot be made at an affiliated convenience store, so please contact the Ryobi express bus reservation center (TEL: 0570-08-5050(ナビダイヤル) Reception hours: 9:00 – 18:00 ). 


5 About refunds of tickets and book of tickets.

Please take special care of your purchased ticket/book of tickets, because you will need it to receive a refund.

Also, please bring your credit card and receipt if you purchased with your credit card.

■ For tickets that were canceled before the time of departure, please start the refund procedure within a month at the counter of purchase. During this time, a predetermined refund fee will be charged.

※Please note that we do not provide refunds in any cases for reserved tickets that have pasted the time of departure.

To make a cancelation, please contact the counter or the Ryobi express bus reservation center (TEL: 0570-08-5050(ナビダイヤル) Reception hours: 9:00 – 18:00).

※It is also possible to cancel on the internet/mobile website before the time of departure.

※Otherwise, please receive a “non-boarding certificate” from the driver at the bus stop before time of departure.
If you have this “non-boarding certificate”, you will be able to receive a refund after the time of departure (within a month).

※If you miss the express bus due to delay of trains and such, and if you have a certificate for that delay from the operating company, you can get on a ride later in the same day if there is vacant seat. However, if you miss the last bus, it is not possible to carry it over to a ride for the next day, so please submit for a refund. For the refund, you will still need a certificate of delay.
※If there was a change made to the ticket, only refunds are accepted. (No changes are accepted).
※No changes are accepted in internet early reservation discounts even with a certificate of delay.
※No refunds are made at any convenience stores for ticktes that were purchased at an affiliated convenience stores. Please visit the counter.
Please contact the Ryobi express bus reservation center (TEL: 0570-08-5050(ナビダイヤル) Reception hours: 9:00 – 18:00) for information about the refund counter.

For suspended tickets when stormy weather such as Typhoons occur

We will provide a refund at the counter of purchase with no charge of fee. Refunds for one way fares of round trip tickets, we will provide half price of the whole round ticket price. There will be no refunds for delays.
Normal cancellation fee will be charged, even when canceling in the situation where a delay is expected due to typhoons and such, and if no suspension of bus services have occurred.


Refund fee and amount of refund.

  • Example of a one way ticket ……… Amount equal to the sold one way ticket - Refund fee (110 yen)
  • Example for a round trip ticket ……… Amount equal to the sold round trip ticket - Refund fee (110 yen × 2 tickets)
  • Example for only the return trip within a round ticket ……… Amount equal to the sold round trip ticket - Normal one way fare - Refund fee (110yen)
  • Example for book of tickets ……… Amount equal to the sold book of tickets - (Normal one way fare × Used amount of sheets) - Refund fee (210 yen)

Refund fee

  • For each normal ticket: 110 yen
  • For book of tickets: 210 yen