Situation regarding

Situation regarding the express bus service

Currently all services are operational.


  1. Refunds for suspended bus tickets can be made without commission fee at the counter where you purchased the ticket.
  2. When services are suspended, the refund for one way of the round trip ticket will be made with half of the round trip ticket fee being reimbursed.
  3. No refunds will be made due to delays.
  4. If purchases are made at the convenience store, please contact to the information mentioned on the ticket.


  • If there is a suspension of bus services or a possibility of a significant delay due to natural disasters or a road being closed, notices about these abnormal situations will be given.
  • Also, though we update the latest information, because of the time required to confirm the situation and the time necessary to communicate, the actual situation of the bus service and the information displayed on this page might be different. Please understand this inconvenience.
  • Please understand that no notifications are made regarding the service situation after departure such as late arrival.
  • Please understand that we will not take any responsibility for any damage that occurred due to the customer’s decision based on this information.