Express BUS <LE BLANC>


Okayama ⇔ Yokohama/Tokyo Sta. (Overnight Bus)

Express Bus  (Local Bus)
Total mileage
Required time 
Resting-place on the way ※To Tokyo : Kasai SA
To Okayama:Surugawan Numazu SA
Voluntary insurance Unlimited bodily injury liability insurance
Joint Operation Company Ryobi-holdings,Tohoku-Kyuko Bus
Drivers 2 drivers on board

 ※May change due to road conditions.


Okayama→TokyoAs of October 1, 2019
20:20 Okayama Sta. West Gate(27)
20:25 Okayama University line
20:35 Okayama IC
21:50 Tsuyama Parking
22:00 Tsuyama Station
6:40 YCAT(Yokohama City Air Tarminal)
7:30 Tokyo Station Yaesu Street
8:00 Tohoku Express bus Tokyo Office
Tokyo→OkayamaAs of October 1, 2019
20:30 Tohoku Express bus Tokyo Office
21:00 Tokyo Station Yaesu Street
21:45 YCAT(Yokohama City Air Tarminal)
6:20 Tsuyama Station
6:25 Tsuyama Parking
7:45 Okayama IC
7:55 Okayama University line
8:00 Okayama Sta. West Gate(27)


As of July 1, 2019
Section Tokyo(YCAT・Tokyo Sta.・Tokyo Office )
One-way Student WEB fare14

WEB fare1

※WEB fare3
Okayama Station
Okayama University line・Okayama IC
10,200 JPY 7,300 JPY 6,700 JPY 7,200 JPY 8,600 JPY
Tsuyama PA・Tsuyama Station 10,000 JPY 7,300 JPY 6,700 JPY 7,200 JPY 8,600 JPY
  • Child fare : Half price of the one way fare for adults (any amount under 10 yen are rounded up) .
  • Round trip discount tickets : Valid for 10 days including the out-bound route.
  • Student discounts applies to junior high school students, high school students, university students, and vocational school students.There are no round trip discounts for the student fare. 
  • Please show your student card or any other documents that proves you are a student, if you request a student discount. If you do not show the document, the normal fare will be applied.

Bus Stops Location



  • This is an express bus line.
  • Reservations can be made from on month prior to the date of departure.
  • All seats are reserved seats. Please make a reservation in advance.
  • You can get on the bus without reservations if there is a seat available on the day for all lines above.
  • Please make a reservation on the internet of mobile website, and purchase the ticket before the deadline.
  • Please purchase the round trip ticket at the ticket sales counter or affiliated convenience store after you have made the reservation, and before you board the bus.
  • After purchasing a ticket, or if you are using a book of tickets, there will be no charge of fee limited to the first change only.However, second changes are not accepted. 
  • Change of service and refunds are not accepted if you miss the bus.
  • For tickets that were canceled before the time of departure, please start the refund procedure within a month at the counter of purchase. During this time, a predetermined refund fee will be charged.
  • The parking lots are controlled under reservations. Please make a request during the seat reservation process.
  • All buses are lavatory-equipped. However, in some cases, it is not available due to maintenance or other reasons. Besides, some buses of our joint operating company do not have lavatory.
  • The buses may arrive late due to the traffic conditions, so please make sure you have plenty of time.
  • All buses are lavatory-equipped. However, in some cases, it is not available due to maintenance or other reasons. Besides, some buses of our joint operating company do not have lavatory.
  • When acquiring personal information, we will clarify the purpose and use the information only according to its purpose. Although we will not generally use the information beyond its intended purpose, if we do so, we will acquire individual consent except in cases permitted by laws or regulations.
  • Please fasten your seat belts for safety reasons.


    Ryobi bus Purchasing counter for tickets